360° monitoring of your website

360° monitoring of your website

Our little robot keeps an eye on everything related to your website and domain. If sudden changes occur or certificate / domain it about to expire, you will be notified.



We continuously add monitors to SiteMon360 based on the feedback we receive. If you have good suggestions for something that could help you, then please tell us if there are more customers who can use it then we would like to add.

Check of SSL Certificate

SiteMonitor checks daily whether your SSL certificate is about to expire and sends a message 14 days before it does.

Domain monitor

SiteMon360 checks if your domain is paid (.dk, .com), if it is active, and if it is expiring you will be notified

Speed monitoring

Your site's speed will be checked daily, if larger changes occur to your page speed you will be notified.

Uptime monitoring

SiteMon360 scans your site approx. every two minutes and you are promptly notified if the site cannot be reached.

Broken links monitor

Your site is crawled once a week where we check for broken links, - if any you will get them in a repport.

Keywords monitor

If you have a page where ALWAYS must be a specific word or phrase, then we keep an eye on it as well.

Instant pagespeed monitoring

Instant pagespeed monitoring

If an editor uploads a large picture to the frontpage, pagespeed will drop with several points, when this happens you will get notified.

PageSpeed monitor
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